Gas prices are outrageous right now. THIS is how Canadians are saving money!

Gas prices are outrageous right now, so I’ve put together a few ways I have managed to save money while filling up:

Free gas savings cards

Sign up for free gas savings cards! Like the Esso Rewards Card to save 0.5 cents/litre to start! (sign up here).

Get points

Collect points (for free) on gas fill-ups. Although you aren’t saving money per litre, if you are going to pay for gas, you might as well collect points!

Apps are your friends

Compare prices before you fill up. Apps like GasBuddy will help you find the best price on gas in your area.

Hop/skip/jump over the border

Fill up across the border: If you live near the United States border, you can save 30% or more on filling up! Most drivers are also bringing gas back in portable fuel containers, just make sure to check local laws for limits, and be prepared to pay import fees at the border.

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