Top 5 Tips for Buying Winter Tires

Buying Winter Tires is something every Canadian is thinking about right now. If you’re like me, you are asking yourself if it is even worth it, and if so, how do I know which are the best ones for my car?

Here are the top 5 things to know about winter tires, and a bonus at the end to save you some cash on buying tires (if you do):

1. Even worn out winter tires can outperform new 3-season tires
Once a tire is worn out past 50%, both braking and cornering are noticeably decreased. Good winter tires will outlast 3-season tires, especially budget ones, however, at 50% (or 7/32″) wear, stopping distance is greatly diminished no matter the tire.

2. For every 5 degrees C, tires loose about 1lb of pressure

3. A quick way to figure out wear on a tire is to use the Coin Trick
Stick a coin in the tire treads, if it only touches the lettering around the outside, it’s likely time to be replaced.

4. When will winter tires help? -7 C!
If weather in your area reaches -7 C regularly, winter tires are a great idea! Otherwise, your all-seasons could last you all year.

5. What are the best brands to look for?
Best place to start is call your local tire place and ask, or visit’s Tire Decision Guide HERE. Different tires will perform different on every car.

BONUS: If you buy winter tires, call your insurance company and tell them. There are discounts from a lot of major Insurance companies in Ontario! Or, fill out this form (should take less than 1 min) and I can get you the best price with winter tire discounts! Just click HERE to get a quick quote.


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